Access: Tenmonkan Shiroyama Terakuni Omotesando Xavier Street Central Park In front of the crossing Tempark street entrance The full open red neon sign on the second floor is a landmark

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【Premium VIP Plan】 At full moon night, you can enjoy your favorite sake at a maximum of 15000 yen per day with the finest relaxation

【Premium VIP Plan】 At full moon night, you can enjoy your favorite sake at a maximum of 15000 yen per day with the finest relaxation

By using a coupon15000 yen

The moonlit drops The evening's feast Premium plan

  • 1items
  • 2-20persons
Reservation deadline
Until 2 o'clock the next day of the desired store visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Reservation is limited to 2 people × 10 pairs.Couple and couple preferred.Please acknowledge it beforehand.Fixed a small error born between the two, a wish to the full moon.Please enjoy the exclusive space slowly until the last all day without time limit.It is certain that your relationship will be deeper.There is no time limit.

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The sky is the full moon The ocean is full of tidal current The tides are full of life Filled the rim of men and women ~

On a special night of the full moon

To the direction that you want to immerse in the space of BAR to the last to the last

We will have you as our VIP.

Full Moon in the mind Blue Moon Supermoon can be used

Please feel the drop of the moonlight and produce a wonderful full moon night dating

In the Manyo world, "the wonderful moon" is the full moon

It is said that encounters with lovers are sung in the full moon

Every night every night the viewing moon gradually fills up, and it will be lost when it is full moon

Perhaps this fullness is lacking, the lacking is filled with the moon filled, the Manyo women may have been superimposed on love

"Let's do nothing like the moon, spring and old spring, the original one" Uchibara Shohei

If a small error between two people were born - this is a plan of a small wish to the full moon that this space would serve as a place to correct it.

Please enjoy exclusive space slowly all day without time limit.

It is certain that their relationship will be deeper.

Multiple couple like couple's home party use is also possible

You can bring in sake, dinner or even hors d'oeuvre freely.

Please plan and produce a wonderful night freely

Staff will respond carefully prepared if we inquire consultation in advance for detailed work.

Please do not hesitate to tell me any projects.We will respond.

Ideal for secret private pairing parties.

For adult luxurious creation of a wonderful night ...

Here ~ is a very exclusive space

Even on a special evening, in an elegant evening and a formal evening

Leave yourself to pairing with mellow music and alcohol ~ Time of bliss ~

It is a special course for men and women with high sensitivity.

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